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Fiscal Cliff Deal Restores Commuter Tax Break for 2012 and 2013
Forbes - January 2, 2013

Use it or lose it: 10 surprising ways to drain FSAs
Reuters - December 13, 2012

Tax pro has tips on using FSAs to pay for camp
Chicago Tribune - November 27, 2012

Year-End Housekeeping
The Wall Street Journal - November 25, 2012

6 Things to Consider During Open Enrollment for 2013
NASDAQ - November 23, 2012

Money Still in Your Flexible Spending Account? Use It or Lose It
US News and World Report - November 19, 2012

Year End Tax Planning For Flexible Spending Accounts
CBS Boston - November 19, 2012

New Healthcare Flexible Spending Account Rules For 2013, Use-It-Or Lose-It Still Undecided
Forbes - November 16, 2012

Limit debuts in 2013 for employee health accounts
Associated Press - November 14, 2012

What to Know About Flex Account Contribution Limits
Kiplinger - November 13, 2012

Commentary: A strategy for medical bills losing luster
Houston Chronicle - October 17, 2012

Benefits Of A Dependent Care FSA
Investopedia - October 9, 2012

4 Key Financial Moves After Landing a New Job
TIME - October 1, 2012

Tax-free toast to your health
Chicago Tribune - September 28, 2012

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From Florida

“My FSA is a life saver! Last year I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor and luckily I was able to have the necessary surgeries to remove it immediately since my FSA covered all of the out-of-pocket costs for my deductible and medicines.”

Annual Savings: $816

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